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Forever Candle

Forever Candle

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Add some luxurious ambiance to your home! It's the candle that never melts. Smokeless, scentless ambiance for your home or table. Reminiscent of taper pillar candles that used to adorn the tables at meal time. Bring back the tradition of glowy ambiance without the conflicting and sometimes overpowering fragrance of traditional candles.

Candle set includes:

*1 clear round vase

*1 bottle of scentless Forever candle oil

*3 steel candlesticks

Product Highlights:

*Clean burning scent free ambiance

*Sustainable and environmentally friendly. Relight thousands of times.

*Makes the perfect gift including a box to securely hold all the pieces. Perfectly wrappable rectangular box.

*Perfect for people who may be sensitive to fragrances but still love the ambiance of a candle.

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